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Juvenile Court


It is the mission of the Juvenile Court of Spalding County to assist in the rehabilitation, supervision and treatment of all juvenile referred for services. It is the intent of the Court to do what is in the best interest of the children as well as provide the citizens of Spalding County a safer environment.

We confirm our commitment, to the extent of our ability, to all children regardless of their resources. We provide services in a professional, impartial, and supportive environment that is sensitive to the needs and best interest of the child.

We are committed to working cooperatively and professionally with child service organizations in a way that promotes excellence in services to the child and responsiveness to the needs and interest of our community.

The children whose well being is threatened shall be assisted and protected and restored, if possible, as secure, law-abiding members of society. To our community, this means being an efficient and effective judiciary, creating confidence and a sense of security, for the residents of Spalding County.

Spalding County Juvenile Court
and Juvenile Probation

429 East Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia  30223

(770) 467-4730

(770) 467-4733

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 368
Griffin, Georgia  30224

Juvenile Court Judges

Stephen D. Ott
Presiding Judge

Natalie Ashman
Associate Judge

Hannah Epps
Administrative Assistant
(770) 467-4376

Juvenile Probation

Syble Jones
Chief Probation Officer/
Clerk of Court
(770) 467-4727

Rosha Thompson
Probation Officer
(770) 467-4729

Jonathan Nelms
Probation Officer
(770) 467-4726

Office Staff

Karen Glover
Deputy Clerk
(770) 467-4730
April S. Patton
Deputy Clerk
(770) 467-4730
Tina Ackiss
Deputy Clerk
(770) 467-4730

Spalding County, GA